Think slim, get slim – the Mindful Slim Way

© Jorgan Harris

1. Have you been unsuccessful with every slimming technique?

Have you had enough of diets? Have you had too much of: I will start my diet on Monday? Have you had your fill of willpower? Are you burdened with measuring tapes, scales, calorie-counting and new eating plans on a daily basis? Do you feel bloated and heavy after every meal? In short – have you had more than enough of struggling with your fat?

2. Think slim, get slim – the Mindful Way

I have developed Think slim, get slim – the Mindful Way in 2011 as an alternative to diets that don’t work. It is a journey of decadence and excitement. It is a journey to open your mind, to think differently and to break free from your old beliefs about slimming. It is a revolutionary journey since you do not need any diet, exercise or any kind of willpower technique to get slim. You will get slim while you are enjoying your life and your food in a decadent way and when you stop worrying about your fat.

Your weight has nothing to do with what you eat, when you eat or how much you eat. It also has nothing to do with exercise, genes or physical problems. What goes into your mouth must go out of your body in the form of excretion. The question is rather why your body keeps your food back and why it saves it in your body’s pantries in the form of fat.

3. You will discover in this mindful journey:

  • that your life issues are causing fat in certain parts of your body
  • what these issues are
  • that when you process these issues, you will naturally slim down in the corresponding parts of your body
  • that the kind of foods that are your weakness, are just telling you something about what your life issues are
  • the areas of your body where you tend to get fat, also tell you more about what these life issues are
  • that you will overcome these issues effortlessly
  • when you overcome these life issues, you will realise that you are in control of your life and you can eat what you want, when you want, as much as you want.
  • you CAN enjoy your life in a decadent and mindful way and continue to get slim without you understanding how on earth it ever happened.

Hypnosis with the Mindful Slim Way will help you to enjoy your food and at the same time, will help you to get rid of that excessive fat. Finally, for good, forever.

The Mindful Slim Way works best with people who are desperate to get slim – especially for those who did not succeed in dieting. It allows you to make a total and radical shift about your ideas around getting slim. This shift is radical and it is only when you accept that diets do not work when you accept the fact that there is a natural process where you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, as much as you want to and when you believe that your subconscious will do it for you without you having to do anything whatsoever.

4. Therapy about slimming involves the following:

  • Forget about troublesome exercise and diet. It only produces cortisol which just makes you fat.
  • If you still want to diet and exercise, you will only keep on getting fat.
  • Realise that life issues and only life issues make you fat and nothing else.
  • Understand that the foods you eat too much of, the areas in your body where you are inclined to get fat, only highlight the areas and issues in your life that need to work on.
  • If you have not worked through these life issues, your subconscious will think you are in a battle for survival. Your subconscious mind will keep storing up the food in your body waiting for the hard times, instead of processing it and eliminating the waste. As a result, you retain and even grow fatter.
  • Once you have worked through your life issues, you will learn that you are a survivor and you do not need to store up food in fat cells in order to survive.
  • You can then live a decadent life, really live and eat what you want, when you want, as much as you want.
  • You can then believe and trust that you are that which you were created to be – passionately slender and healthy.

5. Feedback received on Think slim, get slim – the Mindful Way

Below you will find a selection of feedback I received from clients and readers of my book. I have reproduced their feedback verbatim
(None of names used, are their real names).

Hi Jorgan,

I have not had any anxiety attacks for weeks now. My depression has not manifested again. I was so relieved when you told me that I do not have to let go of my father and that I could keep him in my heart. (Note from Jorgan: she was not able to deal with her father’s death and could not let him go. This has now all changed and strangely enough I have now been able to accept his death. I am also dealing with stressful situations so much better now. I could not believe that I am now able to experience life is such a different way. I was also angry with you for telling me that I did not have to return for hypnosis to slim down. I have been receiving so many compliments lately with regards to my appearance and did not even realise that I had lost weight until I was able to get into a pair of jeans that I was only able to get into ten years ago.
I would never have believed that it was my “issues” that was making me fat. I now not only feel emotionally lighter but physically as well!


Good day,

My name is Marilise. I have recently bought your book “Dink Slank” and have been using the CD extensively. Some background information… for as long as I can remember fat has been ruling my life… I went on my first diet at the age of 10! With that I also had a handful of issues… as rightfully pointed out in the book which was most probably the reason for my weight. I am usually only about 5 kilograms from my goal but it ALWAYS feels insurmountable… Needless to say I have tried and bought all kinds of books, tablets and potions… I could give lectures on just about any possible kind of diets…
The “Dink Slank” book (but more so the CD…) has done “something” for me for the first time in my life. I much better about myself, I also feel “prettier”, have more self-confidence and am now in a place where I feel “addicted” to the CD… (that has already been listened to countless times…)
It really feels as if this is a life changing method that I do not want to let slip through my fingers.

Dear Jorgan

I would just like to say thank you. I can only subscribe the many compliments that I have received, to my visit to you.

On Friday I was even approached by strangers, to say how good I looked, but to hear it on a regular basis was quite a shock to hear. The following is a direct quote of an e-mail that I received from a friend and although I wanted to edit the first part but I have decided to just copy and paste as is for you. This was after a party at their house:

I must say you looked f****g beautiful the other evening. I don’t know what it is but something about you has definitely changed. You have definitely lost weight and I could see that but you also looked different…he. Still you looked beautiful!!!!

It is what people are saying regularly, something else has also changed, you look different, I can also not exactly put it into words, except that I feel calmer, have more self-confidence when dealing with people etc. All that I can say is, that it is not me; it is your work that made it possible.

Thank you very much.


Dear Jorgan

I sent you the invitation to this group exhibition as you are certainly responsible for my ability now to paint! (My first painting exhibition.) I have also lost over 20KG thus far since I last saw you.

I’ll come and see you again one of these days, but I did wish to acknowledge the help you gave me during such a hideous time last year and the year before. I hope that I can just move on to ever greater things.

Best fondest regards


Good Morning

With the weight loss, I have eaten everything I wanted without consciously thinking about it and noticed that I naturally veer towards healthier choices, smaller portions and enjoyment of tastes. My weight stayed constant for 2 months afterwards, even though I have sometimes been bingeing and not gained any weight. I noticed some weight loss in the last 2 weeks. I also feel great about my body image and am not overly concerned about the fact others accept me because of my build or not. The only exercise I do is walking on beaches and in nature as part of the fun experience.

My confidence has increased and I am more direct with people about what I need from them. I am more focused on my business goals and what I feel passionate about. Some relationships ended because of my new sense of self.

Hope this can be of value to you.

Best Regards


Hallo Jorgan

Since I can remember I have struggled with my weight… I had tried everything, tablets, concoctions, injections, even counting calories. My doctor then referred me to you, what a surprise. I was scared of hypnosis but you helped me, I started to notice some changes after a couple of sessions but could not put my finger on it. You first what I call “sorted out my head”. We did a lot of work on weight loss and once again I can’t put my finger on it but my feeling about food has changed! I started to think differently about food, it did not bother me anymore!

I lost 17kg and feel like a new person.  My weight has stayed the same because it is no longer my beginning and end.


I am now halfway through your book – and just had to quickly stop and first say to you: “AMEN, AMEN, AMEN”!!!!!! – Oh sorry – Hallo!!

Talk to you again later…
Tons of blessings!!


Hallo Jorgan

I trust it is going well.

I enjoyed your book about slimming VERY MUCH. I think you outstandingly brilliant!



Best Jorgan

You know, it is very cleverly written and does not have that patronising tone of other books that addresses the same subject. I enjoy the spiritual approach. It makes sense to me on a deeper level. My colleagues would love it.
I hope enough people know about the book. You should do a kindle version or what about an iPad app?
You are brilliant.
Would love to chat to you about your journey writing the book.
I like the quotes and the use of the word fat.
I like the word decadent and then the perfect lily from the Bible.
Especially the message that life is not meant to be miserable.