Clinical Psychologist

“Alternative, short term &
powerful psychotherapy for
busy people”

~ Jorgan Harris ~

Jorgan Harris - Clinical Psychologist

“Life is not measured by the
number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that
take our breath away”

~ Anonymous ~

Clinical psychologist grow

“Life isn't about finding yourself...
life is about creating yourself”

~ George Bernard Shaw ~

This practice focuses on alternative, modern, short-term and powerful psychotherapy for the modern human being who does not necessarily have the time nor money to engage in a time-consuming process of traditional psychotherapy.

The purpose of this practice is to resolve problems as quickly, effectively and powerfully as possible. To find practical and workable solutions making use of the latest, most effective and most advanced human technologies for maximum effectiveness. This process is still taking place within the framework of professionalism, a code of ethics and confidentiality under the protection of a professional body.

I am a clinical psychologist and although there is enough room for traditional psycho-analysis in my consultation room, I prefer to make use of modern techniques for better results.

I specialise in the following therapeutic techniques:

  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • BWRT
  • NLP
  • EcCT
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness

You can read more about these techniques on this site.

Some people are in doubt whether it might just be a quick fix or not. Psychology is a young, dynamic and fast-developing science that literally finds faster, better and more powerful ways to bring about permanent change. If you still believe that an ox-wagon is the best way to travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town, you might think that aircraft technology might be a quick fix. You might not discover new territories using an airplane, but you are going to arrive much sooner in Johannesburg to do what you need to do in the time you have at your disposal. The modality of travelling will always remain your choice.

I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Research Psychology (Cum Laude).

I was a member of the Professional Board for Psychology at the previously named South African Medical and Dental Council (SAMDC) – now known as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

I was a part-time lecturer of philosophy and psychology at the Potchefstroom campus of the North-West University.

I have also gained the following qualifications:

  • Master practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis in 1998;
  • Practitioner of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) in 1999;
  • Master practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in 2003;
  • Master practitioner of Energy Psychology in 2005;
  • Practitioner of EMI (Eye Movement Integration) in 2006;
  • Practitioner of EcCT (Encounter centered Couples Therapy) in 2013;
  • Master practitioner of BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) in 2015.
  • I have delivered a number of papers at the Hypnosis Congresses in South Africa and abroad. I have made an international breakthrough in the treatment of Scleroderma with hypnosis. Scleroderma is a rare type of Auto Immune disease.

I have been widely quoted in the media and I am also the published author of two books:

“NLP – ontgin die briljantheid in jou” in 2011 and “Dink slank, word slank” in 2013.

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Dear client

Status quo regarding the Corona virus (Covid-19) in my practice

We have just received clarity from the government that psychologists may continue with their tasks during this time.  We also received the consent of most medical funds to do consultations using electronic communications.

I would like you to connect with me during this time should you need my service.

There are three options:

  • You can stay in touch with me via phone calls, emails, voice messages as well as text messages. This service is offered for free provided they are kept short.
  • You can consult with me through electronic communication. WhatsApp Video Call appears to be the most reliable and most effective medium. We have received permission from most medical funds to use it for consultations.  You will need to sign a permission form.
  • You can see me physically in my rooms. This option will be used if the previous two options are not feasible. If we prefer this option, it will only take place certain times of the week and the most stringent measures will apply to avoid transfer and distribution of the Covid-19 virus.
      1. Please make use of the provided hand sanitiser available in my practice.
      2. The room will be disinfected after every session.
      3. Tissues and a closed bin are provided for respiratory hygiene. If you need to sneeze/cough – do this into a tissue and put it into the closed bin, or if necessary, sneeze into your elbow.
      4. I will maintain a distance of one to two meters between us throughout the session.
      5. I am leaving the front door open to avoid touching handles.
      6. I will keep windows open for fresh air.
      7. I will open the inner door myself to prevent you from touching handles.
      8. No physical touching of any nature will take place between us.
      9. You are advised to wait in your car to limit contact with other people in the waiting area.
      10. The bathrooms are fitted with paper towels. Please make use of them.
      11. Use your elbow or a tissue to press the buttons in the lifts or make use of the staircase and try to avoid touching the railings.
      12. If you feel unwell or too apprehensive to attend your session, please cancel your appointment. I will be extremely flexible with the 24 hour cancellation policy during these trying times.

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep Corona-anxiety free!

Beste kliënt

Status quo rakende die Corona virus (Covid-19) in my praktyk

Ons het pas duidelikheid van die regering gekry dat sielkundiges in hierdie tyd met hulle take voort mag gaan. Ons het ook die toestemming van meeste mediese fondse ontvang om konsultasies te doen deur die gebruik van elektroniese kommunikasie.
Ek wil graag hê dat jy gedurende hierdie tyd met my in verbinding bly sou jy my diens benodig.
Daar is drie opsies:

  • Jy kan in verbinding bly met telefoon-oproepe, e-posse, stem- en teksboodskappe. Hierdie diens word gratis aangebied mits dit kort gehou kan word.
  • Jy kan met my konsulteer deur elektroniese kommunikasie. WhatsApp Video Call blyk die betroubaarste en effektiefste medium te wees. Ons het toestemming van die meeste mediese fondse ontvang om dit so te kan doen. Jy sal net ‘n toestemmingsvorm moet teken.
  • Jy kan my fisies in my spreekkamer kom sien. Hierdie opsie sal gebruik word indien die vorige twee opsies nie haalbaar is nie. Indien ons hierdie opsie verkies, sal dit slegs sekere tye van die week plaasvind en sal die strengste maatreëls geld om oordrag en verspreiding van die Covid-19 virus te vermy.

Die volgende voorsorgmaatreëls sal getref word:

  1. Maak asseblief gebruik van die handreiniger wat in my praktyk beskikbaar is..
  2. Die vertrek sal na elke sessie ontsmet word.
  3. Gesigsdoekies (tissues) en ‘n geslote asblik word voorsien vir hygiene. Indien jy nodig het ons te hoes of te nies – kan jy dit in ‘n gesigsdoekie doen en dit in die blik gooi of, indien nodig, in jou elmboog hoes of nies.
  4. Ek sal regdeur die sessie ‘n veilige afstand van een to twee meter van jou hou.
  5. Ek los die voordeur oop sodat jy nie aan die handvatself hoef te raak nie.
  6. Ek laat ‘n venster oop vir vars lug.
  7. Ek sal self die binnedeur oopmaak sodat jy die aan die handvatsel hoef te raak nie.
  8. Daar sal geen fisiese aanraking van enige aard tussen ons wees nie.
  9. Wag in jou motor tot die laaste minuut om kontak met ander mense in die ontvangs-area te beperk.
  10. Die badkamers is voorsien van handdoek papier. Maak gerus daarvan gebruik.
  11. Gebruik jou elmboog, sleutel of gesigsdoekie om die hysbak se knoppies te druk of jy kan van die trappe gebruik maak en dit vermy om aand die handreebruik jou elmboog, sleutel of gesigsdoekie om die hysbak se knoppies te druk of jy kan van die trappe gebruik maak en dit vermy om aand die handreëlings te raak.
  12. As jy nie lekker voel nie of dalk bang is om jou sessie by te woon, kanselleer asseblief jou afspraak. Ek gaan uiters buigbaar wees met die 24-uur kansellasie beleid gedurende hierdie moeilike tye.

Wees veilig, wees gesond, bly ingelig en bly Corona-angs vry!