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Walking Zombie Syndrome

Trevor Modlin, Ph.D One of the greatest contributions that medical hypno-analysis offers the therapeutic community is the concept of the Walking Zombie Syndrome. Some find the name to be a bit gruesome, though most people find it to be such an excellent description of their condition that the name does not detract from the diagnosis. […]

Inhaling the Spirit – the amazing power behind breathing

© Jorgan Harris. jorganharris.co.za In breathing, there are two blessings drawing breath, releasing it again, the one pressurises us, the other refreshes us, so wonderfully mixed is life – Goethe 1. Introduction Spirituality, like hypnosis, has everything to do with breathing. When you learn to breathe deeply, you will become much more in contact with […]

Identity Problem

John A. Scott, Sr., Ph.D A problem that many people have is called the identity problem. I am going to describe this to you, but keep in mind as I give you an overall description that no one person has all of the symptoms of this problem at the same time. So as I describe […]


“Reflect upon your present blessings – of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings How do you feel about your past? Your past consists of memories. To focus on all the negative things of the […]

Die hel is ander mense (en hulle opinies) – die oorsaak van menige sielkundige probleme

© Jorgan Harris. jorganharris.co.za Inleidend In 1944, net voor die einde van die Tweede Wêreld-oorlog, toe die wêreld in ‘n staat van hel verkeer het, het ‘n verhoogspel van die Franse Eksistensiële filosoof, Jean-Paul Sartre die verhoog getref. Die oorspronklike titel van die verhoogspel was getiteld: In Camera, wat verwys na die regsterm waar ‘n […]

Prinse word paddas – ‘n kritiese blik op sielkundige diagnoses

© Jorgan Harris. jorganharris.co.za … en hoe paddas weer prinse kan word (wat hulle nog eintlik altyd was)   1. Inleiding Die lang verwagte en omstrede DSM-5 is hier. Die DSM-5 (wat die afkorting is vir die Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Edition 5) is die Bybel van psigiaters, mediese dokters en sielkundiges […]